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Water Treatment

CME Operations’ can provide licensed Water Treatment System engineering, supervision and operations. Our staffed, licensed operators retain certification from the Department of Environmental Protection for Class A or lower systems with Subclasses 1 thru 14. We can provide on-site assistance in construction, startup, operation and maintenance of treatment plants and distribution systems.

On site training can also be provided in the operation and maintenance of the treatment plant and distribution system by our experienced staff. Such as:

Treatment Plant Performance

  • Optimize plant performance to meet Primary Drinking Water Act requirements
  • Provide recommendations to achieve enhanced performance
  • Train the customer’s personnel in the proper treatment techniques
  • Develop operation and maintenance manuals
  • Develop emergency response plans

Distribution System

  • System monitoring and supervision
  • Provide recommendations for system improvements
  • Develop flushing programs that use less water effectively to provide quality water at the customers tap
  • Develop emergency response plans

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