About CME Engineering

CME was founded in 1999 by two partners in the basement office of a local coal company. The founding partners, Sean Isgan and Michael Walker, saw the need for a firm that could provide clients with high-level engineering and consulting services to serve the mining realm.

It didn’t take long for this dream to become a reality. Following client focused discussions and the dedication and commitment from Isgan and Walker, the two purchased the first CME office in Somerset, PA, in 2000. With hard work and perseverance, the firm grew from its humble beginnings to more than 60 employees in 2 offices.

CME also expanded to offer a variety of services and clients in that time, establishing additional departments beyond the Mining group with departments focused on Civil Engineering (Land Development & Municipal), Surface Surveying, Power & Construction, Water/Wastewater Operations, CADD, and administrative functions in the form of an Accounting department, HR/Marketing, and IT.

As the firm continues to flourish today, it is because of the traits derived from our founders hard work, dedication, and perseverance. These values are held by each of our employees and are one of the many things that sets CME apart from our competitors.

Comprehensive Engineering and Operations Services

At CME Engineering, we’re known for providing comprehensive services that are difficult to find anywhere else. Our capabilities range from Surveying to Land & Site Development, from Geology and Hydrology Services to Wastewater Management. We serve Oil & Gas, Wind Turbine installation, Mining, Construction, Municipalities, and more.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, high-level engineering solutions and consulting services that are reliable, timely, and exceed your expectations.