Environmental Engineering

Environmental Assessment, Site Audits, and Permitting

At CME Engineering, we offer an extensive selection of environmental services. This enables our clients to navigate the complex maze of State and Federal regulations and to move forward quickly, assured that all permitting and environmental concerns are covered.

Our environmental scientists specialize in evaluating options and finding solutions that are right for each stage of your project and your business life-cycle.

From compliance assurance for today’s project to considering environmental impacts as you grow, CME delivers detailed environmental assessments and audits, restoration and mitigation plans, feasibility and remediation studies.

Whether you are looking for air quality evaluation, wetland delineation, or oil and gas well permitting, CME offers proven services that can help build a cooperative working environment between your business and regulators, moving your plans forward while helping to maintain a healthy and sustainable environment.

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Our Environmental Engineering Services Include

• Air Quality
• Alternatives Analysis
• AMD Treatment System design, construction, operation & maintenance
• Brownfields
• Environmental Audits
• Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I, II, and III)
• Groundwater Pollution Assessments
• HEP Analysis and Wildlife Restoration Planning
• Mitigation Plan Design
• NPDES Permitting
• Oil and Gas Well Permitting
• Remediation
• Stream Surveys/Permitting
• Threatened and Endangered Species Evaluations
• Wetland Delineation & Permitting

At CME Engineering, our accomplished environmental scientists and engineers can assist with site assessments, alternatives analysis, and more. Our goal is to mitigate the environmental impact of your project while helping you realize its value quickly and affordably.

It only takes a conversation to experience the difference at CME Engineering.

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