Geology & Hydrogeology Services

Experts in Groundwater and Geological Formations

Geology and Hydrogeology play a key role in the planning, design, and implementation for many projects. CME’s geologists and hydrological engineers are available to conduct groundwater and surface water testing and resource evaluation.

We work with mining concerns and construction projects to understand the impact of local water formations on the project and how ore removal and facility development can result in geochemical and waste contamination of water supplies.

Our experience includes mine water treatment and water quality monitoring and evaluation.

We also serve the oil and gas mining industry, providing insights that aid in cutting costs and optimizing production.

To assure the success of your project, CME geologists assess the landforms, earth processes, and water resources associated with your site. We test, consult, report, and design solutions that hep move your project forward by reducing risk and eliminating the hazards that can derail development.

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Our Geological Engineering Services Include

  • Designing and directing subsurface investigations
  • Soil and rock core sampling and identification
  • Rock Quality Designation and soil consistency/relative density determinations
  • Hydrogeology, ground water monitoring and reporting
  • Drilling contracting and boring schedules
  • Prepare detailed (lithologic) descriptions
  • Geologic reconnaissance/mapping
  • Mineral Resource Reserve Evaluations
  • Environmental considerations and evaluations

At CME, the management and protection of our natural resources is a top priority. Utilizing practical engineering, sound science, and project management skills, you can rest easy knowing that your project is in expert hands.

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