Geotechnical Engineering

Soil, Geology, and Earth Science Technology

At CME Engineering, our geotechnical services are used in support of civil engineering, waste management and mining operations, as well as construction projects that require specific foundation design, evaluation, or excavation.

Slope stability and foundation engineering are critical to a successful construction project. Shifting soil and cracked foundations represent an unacceptable risk. A thorough site investigation by experienced geotechnical engineers protects the value of your investment and allows you to proceed with confidence.

Geotechnical Engineering in Service of Industrial, Commercial and Mining

In the service of industrial and commercial site development, landfills and the mining industry, CME Engineers often perform subsurface investigations for foundation and pavement designs, liner installation settlement, drainage and slope stability, as well as locating and designing access and haul roads, designing infrastructure foundations, and evaluating rock mechanics.

When it comes to waste products of ore mining and mineral extraction, we are often called upon to obtain structural loading specifications for foundation types and to evaluate excavations and pile stability for long term material storage.

Environmental evaluations are an important part of CME’s geotechnical services too, with the management and protection of natural resources a top priority in today’s mining industry.

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Our Geotechnical Engineering Services Include

  • Designing and performing subsurface investigations
  • Soil and rock core sampling and identification
  • Rock Quality Designation and soil consistency/relative density determinations
  • Drilling contracting and boring schedules
  • Prepare detailed (lithologic) descriptions
  • Environmental considerations and evaluations
  • Earthwork evaluations (cut and fills)
  • Slope stability and reinforcement
  • Deep Excavations
  • Retaining Walls
  • Foundation Recommendations
  • Foundation Design
  • Dams (Design and Stability – existing or new)
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Ground Improvement Methods
  • Geosynthetics
    • Subsurface Drainage
    • Subgrade / Slope Stabilization

At CME Engineering, our growing reputation is based on delivering exceptional results in an atmosphere of superior service and client care.

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