RTCR Level 2 Assessments

When bacteria sampling triggers a Level 2 Assessment...

CME provides fully licensed water and wastewater operators who routinely manage, operate, and maintain systems.

PA DEP Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR) Level 2 Assessments:

Every public water system in the state is subject to monthly bacteria sampling as per PA DEP requirements. If two samples come back positive within one rolling calendar year, or any samples test positive for E. coli, then that water system will trigger an RTCR Level 2 Assessment. If a Level 2 is triggered then a full Level 2 Assessment will need to be performed by a qualified, certified water plant operator within 30 days of positive bacteria notice. Transient non-community systems, which generally do not require a certified operator for daily operation, will need to find a certified operator to conduct a Level 2 Assessment when triggered.

How can CME Operations help you? A Level 2 Assessment requires a system to be evaluated by a PA DEP certified water treatment plant operator. CME Operations provides fully licensed water and wastewater operators who routinely manage, operate and maintain systems in the region. CME can provide a certified operator who possess the appropriate class and subclass certifications for the water system being assessed.

CME Operations also offers:
• Licensed operation of water systems
• Licensed operation of wastewater systems
• Testing and inspection
• General system maintenance
• Design/re-design of systems
• System evaluation and troubleshooting
• Permitting and regulatory compliance
• Training

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