Historic Plaque for CME

CME was presented with a historic plaque on Tuesday to launch the “Historic Town Trek” project by Somerset Inc.. The Somerset office building was selected as 1 of 10 historic structures. CME’s building is known historically as the “George R. Scull House” and was built around 1917. On hand to accept the plaque was CME’s Greg Walker.

The “Geroge R. Scull House” is a Colonial Revival style home circa 1917.  The home was built for George R. Scull, son of Edward Scull, Publisher of the Somerset Herald who owned the property adjacent to the site.  Edward had his home moved westward to allow his son to construct his dwelling on the corner lot.  George is remembered as an attorney and editor of the Herald.  He was also president of Somerset Trust and the First National Bank of Somerset.  The Sculls were a prominent family who arrived on the second boat to Penn’s Colony.  Geroge’s son, Nicolas Scull, is credited with creating most maps of Pennsylvania pre-dating the Mason Dixon survey of the 1760’s.


Plaques presented to historical Somerset buildings