Mostoller Landfill, Inc.

SCI-Laurel Highlands Pipeline Project

CME provided design, land acquisition assistance and construction QA/QC for a four mile long leachate forcemain, pumping station and landfill gas transmission pipeline. The project eliminated the need for Mostoller to build a costly treatment plant to discharge treated landfill leachate into a trout stream. In addition, the landfill gas reduced greenhouse gas emissions from the landfill and provided SCI-Laurel Highlands with a green energy source to replace their outdated and non-compliant coal boilers.

Services Provided

  • Preparation of Solid Waste, NPDES and E&S Plan permits
  • Obtained Highway Occupancy Permit for construction under Routes 219 & 31
  • Design engineering
  • Surveying and mapping
  • Land acquisition negotiations and preparation of ROW plants
  • Preparation of Bid Documents, Technical Specifications and Bid Review
  • Construction Quality Assurance/Quality Control