Somerset County General Authority

Somerset County Water System, Quemahoning Pipeline Project

CME provided design and permitting services for this 4 MGD potable water system located in Somerset County, PA. Construction of portions of this expandable 2 MGD water system were overseen by CME. Construction involved 7 separate construction contracts administered and overseen by CME.

The total pipeline covers approximately 22 miles.


Services offered:

  • Raw water tap & slipline (100-year old riveted steel, 60” & 66” discharge pipeline beneath Quemahoning Dam)
  • Raw water line (2 mile 18” raw water pipeline)
  • Raw water pump station, water treatment plant, 2 booster pump stations, and SCADA communications
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • 2 Million gallon tank

CME also coordinated the installation and startup of each individual component for this project. In detail these services included:

Services Provided

  • Coordinated the startup and operation of the water treatment facility to produce potable water to meet DEP and EPA requirements
  • Coordinated the cleaning and sterilization of the 2 million gallon storage tank
  • Coordinated the startup of three 2,800 gpm pump stations
  • Developed treatment process requirements and established standard operating procedures
  • Developed operations and maintenance manual for pump stations and treatment facility
  • Developed treatment techniques and parameters for production of potable water
  • Coordinated the sterilization and flushing of 25 miles of 18” water line
  • Provided operator on-the-job training for jar testing, process control sampling and testing chemical dosing
  • Provided an operation spreadsheet for data collection and monthly DEP reporting