Quecreek Mine Rescue

On July 24th, 2002 CME Engineering was called to the forefront of a national crisis. This near disaster will forever be remembered as the Quecreek Mine Rescue.

For 5 days the nation held its collective breath as 9 coal miners lay trapped 245 feet below ground. CME Engineering was proud to play a significant role in the rescue operations that led to the eventual release of the miners from their damp and dark imprisonment. CME Engineering was able to utilize its GPS surveying equipment to locate the exact coordinates needed to drill bore holes for air ventilation and a rescue shaft. Miraculously, all 9 miners were rescued at 2:45 a.m. on July 28th, 2002. CME Engineering’s achievements, along with all the other unsung heroes, were chronicled in various publications including the book “All Nine Alive!” by The Pittsburgh Post Gazette.